Relax, restore and heal with complementary and conventional methods and diagnostics.


You need so much more than a holiday, more than just a break: you’re stressed, your body displays all the telltale signs of long hours, rushed meals, too little sleep – and the sheer noise of it all. A week on a sun lounger won’t do it, and those niggles that strike in the night feel suspicious. What if it’s serious? Well, we’ve sourced the best health retreats for the not-so-well, the worried-well, and even the hale and hearty ­­– after all, you can never be too healthy!

If you’ve always fancied going on a Yoga Ayurveda retreat, but balked at travelling all the way to India, our European Niche Destinations offer the perfect option. They’re the real deal but have adapted the ancient healing arts to suit our European way of living, eating and healing. Discover your Dosha – and yourself – practice Yoga and eat the fruits of the local soil: so much better for you than all that flown-in stuff! While you’re at it, why not detox your mind and deepen your meditative practice? You may be far from the Indian sub-continent, but that’s no reason not to have all the authentic Ayurvedic experience: from Abhyanga to Panchakarma and Rasayana, we’ve got it covered. And if you need them, conventional medical services are available as well as those of the Ayurvedic kind!

But it’s not just Yoga Ayurveda retreats!

Medical spa disciples have long been raving about the miracle of Mayr – and we’re no exception. So, if cleansing, healing and cutting-edge medicine and treatments are your passion, stick with us and Modern Mayr Medicine: an unbeatable combination that includes close collaboration with Innsbruck University Hospital. You can’t say better than that!

Our wellness retreat holidays really work. Whatever holistic retreat you opt for, be it a meditation retreat, Yoga weekend, Yoga ayurveda retreats, Shamanic healing week, or time at a medical spa – we’re going to be your front-runner.


Park Igls

Park Igls Mayr Clinic in Tyrol, Austria – One of europe´s leading health retreats for detox, holistic wellbeing and preventive medical care.

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European Ayurveda®: consultation & treatment, healing spirit, medical care, Ayurvedic nutrition, Yoga & meditation, and exercise & regeneration tailored to European needs.


Modern Mayr Medicine

Modern Mayr Medicine combines intestinal cleansing with state-of-the-art medical diagnostics for regeneration, therapy, and prevention: from burnout to Parkinson's disease.