Visit Morocco

Magical Morocco: where luxury and authenticity reign supreme. Discover the art, the cuisine, the savoir vivre of this enigmatic, fascinating country of deserts, mountains and enviable beaches. Visit Morocco with Niche Destinations – your ultimate travel companion.


Riad Fès

Experience the delights of the Riad Fès and gain a rare insight into the real Morocco, authentic Fassi tradition and delight in the country’s oldest and most fascinating city.


Golf Mogador

Golf Mogador is an ecologically designed golf course which harmoniously integrates with the natural surroundings. Located in Essaouira and surrounded by dunes, forest and sea.


Heure Bleue Palais

5-star Heure Bleue Palais is a former nobleman’s palace reborn as Essaouira’s finest boutique hotel and a gourmet hotspot for tastemakers and lovers of cool culture.