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Project Description

Modern Mayr Medicine

Concept Personalised exercise, nutrition & regeneration concepts and state-of-the-art diagnostics based on Modern Mayr Medicine
  • Modern Mayr Medicine amongst ‘Best Spas in the World’– Condé Nast Traveller Spa Guide
  • Spa award: ‘Most Effective Medi-Spa’ – Condé Nast Traveller Spa Guide
  • ‘Best for Detoxing Mind and Body‘– Tatler Spa Guide
  • ‘The favoured spot for the Mayr Method’ – Condé Nast Traveller Spa Guide
  • Spa trophy: ‘Best for Medical Marvels’ – Tatler Spa Guide
  • Spa trophy: ‘Hardcore turnaround’ – Tatler Spa Trophy

The gut: source of health


Over a hundred years ago, the Austrian scientist and physician Dr Franz Xaver Mayr recognised the gut as the ‘root system’ of a human being. The discovery that the causes of civilisation syndromes are found in the gastrointestinal tract resulted in a revolutionary concept, which continues to be proven by current research. The gut supplies the body with nutrients. Nevertheless, the way we deal with this important organ on an everyday basis could often be described as neglectful: we tend to eat too quickly, too much, too often and at the wrong time. This puts pressure on the intestine, liver and all associated organs, resulting in digestive and metabolic disorders, joint and spinal pain, food intolerances, arteriosclerosis, sleep disorders and impaired performance. Since FX Mayr’s day, the method has progressed from being a bread-roll-and-milk diet, and is now known as Modern Mayr Medicine.

FX Mayr’s approach to early diagnosis and cutting-edge conventional medicine play a central role in Modern Mayr. Unique diagnostic modules, medical services and treatments, specialist examinations, health psychology, medical massages, physical therapies and baths, spa body treatments, physiotherapy and detoxifying treatments form the core of Modern Mayr Medicine. These are combined with a personalised nutrition plan based on Modern Mayr cuisine as well as a physical activity programme tailored to individual requirements.

Modern Mayr Medicine is constantly being developed by Mayr physicians, conventional medical doctors, complementary practitioners, psychotherapists, physiotherapists and nutrition specialists in close cooperation with consultants from Innsbruck Medical University.

Modern Mayr Medicine
Modern Mayr Medicine


  • MEDICAL SERVICES: Modern Mayr Medicine is based on the classic Mayr methods and combines conventional and complementary medicine.
  • THERAPY: The patient and their Mayr physician discuss which form of therapy and accompanying treatments would be of most benefit.

  • PREVENTION: Holistic intestinal cleansing and stabilisation regenerate the gastrointestinal tract, improving its self-healing powers and effectively warding off diseases. At the same time, metabolism, blood pressure and weight are regulated, which in turn reduces the risk factors for certain diseases such as heart attacks. Along with learning how to chew and eat, a daily exercise guide and regular planned cleansing phases, Modern Mayr Medicine has proven to be a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.

  • DIAGNOSIS: In recent decades, traditional Mayr diagnostics have grown and evolved as they embraced compatible conventional and complementary medical techniques. Today, Mayr diagnostics are at the pinnacle of medical knowledge.

  • GENDER MEDICINE: Our gender-based medical services allow us to respond both diagnostically and preventively to gender-specific physiological issues.

Modern Mayr Medicine
Modern Mayr Medicine


With a surface area measuring some 400sqm, the intestines make up the human body’s largest organ and are responsible for disposing of most of the body’s accumulated toxins and wastes. Known as the body’s ‘central organ’, the gut supplies the system with vital nutrients. Every new cell that develops within it is made up of building blocks extracted from the food we eat. As we tend to eat too quickly, too much, at the wrong time or simply the wrong things, food is only partially digested, and the metabolism suffers disruption. This leads to decomposition and fermentation processes as well as symptoms of poisoning – known as intestinal autointoxication. The organism becomes overacidified and begins to accumulate hazardous toxins in the cells. This overacidification and accumulation of toxins is the cause of many lifestyle diseases.

Modern Mayr Medicine
Modern Mayr Medicine

DISCOVER MODERN MAYR MEDICINE – 6 pillars for health

Modern Mayr Medicine

Modern Mayr cuisine is based on the latest findings of nutritional science and at the same time provides the foundation of the therapeutic approach at Park Igls. The nutritional concept offers a pathway towards a healthier lifestyle, and does away with calorie counting and strict diets. Modern Mayr cuisine is structured into eight dietary stages, and consultation with a physician determines which dietary stage is right for each guest.

Modern Mayr Medicine

Digestion starts in the mouth. Learning to chew and eat properly and adjusting dietary habits to suit individual nutritional needs provide the basis for long-term digestive recovery and regeneration.

Modern Mayr Medicine

Cleansing the body’s digestive system and tissues by drinking plenty of liquids and taking a daily dose of bitter water lies at the heart of every Mayr programme.

Modern Mayr Medicine

If required, the diet plan can be supplemented with important alkalis, vitamins, minerals and trace elements that the body may lack during a course of therapy.

Modern Mayr Medicine

Exercise is a key component of Modern Mayr Medicine. Regular exercise improves health and prevents diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, depression and arthritis. A 20-minute workout daily significantly improves wellbeing and health on both physical and psychological levels – and also increases life expectancy. The exercise programme at Park Igls is based on five pillars:

  • Cardiovascular and metabolism
  • Strength
  • Sensorimotor and coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Relaxation

Modern Mayr Medicine

Dr Franz Xaver Mayr understood the link between physical and emotional detoxification, and therefore anticipated that his therapeutic approach could also have positive psychological effects. During their stay, many guests develop a desire to divest themselves of emotional baggage and find a new sense of balance. Fasting can be an impetus for emotional and physical healing. Your therapy can also lead to self-discovery within the scope of consultations with the help of specialist psychologists.

Modern Mayr Medicine

  • Gastrointestinal diseases, Glucose metabolism disorders, Blood pressure disorders
  • Obesity, Type 2 diabetes, Gout
  • Cellulite, Rheumatic pain, Migraines and tension headaches
  • Sleep disorders, Palpitations and stabbing pains in the chest, Psycho-peristaltic stomach cramps
  • Reflux and abdominal fullness, Increased perspiration, Anxiety and depressive moods
  • Burnout, Bronchitis and allergic reactions such as hay fever and asthma, Blemishes and acne
  • Fatty liver, and gall and kidney stones, Arteriosclerosis, Early-stage Parkinson’s and many more conditions
Modern Mayr Medicine
Modern Mayr Medicine
Park Igls
Mayr clinic | Igls, Tyrol

Park Igls is one of the leading Mayr clinics in Europe. The ‘house in the park’ offers personalised exercise, nutrition and regeneration concepts and state-of-the-art diagnostics based on Modern Mayr Medicine.

Modern Mayr Medicine
Modern Mayr Medicine


Healthy summer

From detoxing and personal training to Yoga, experience more than Mayr with a healthy summer break at Park Igls Mayr clinic in Tyrol.

Winter cleanse

Give your gut the attention it deserves with a winter cleanse at Park Igls Mayr clinic in Tyrol. Clean eating, exercise, diagnostics and more.

Modern Mayr Medicine
Modern Mayr Medicine


Back strengthening

Regular exercise is the best medicine for back pain. Park Igls offers a wide range of exercise therapies for back strengthening as part of their Modern Mayr Medicine programmes.

Back pain

Back pain is now society’s most common ailment. At Park Igls, holistic diagnosis and therapy give patients relief from pain and an exercise strategy to tackle symptoms long term.

Modern Mayr Medicine
Modern Mayr Medicine


Mayr Intensive

Modern Mayr Medicine’s intensive detox is ideal for anyone aiming for optimal health benefits on as broad a basis as possible.

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