The real Modern Mayr Medicine at Park Igls Mayr clinic

From hardcore fasting to medical detox therapy

Mayr therapy is still predominantly associated with a diet of bread rolls and milk, ‘hardcore fasting’ and fasting with tea. But this is nowhere near the complete picture. It has always been about much more than that and even more so as Mayr therapy developed over the years. Whereas the traditional Mayr regime was based on strict diets, Modern Mayr Medicine provides a much gentler and no less effective route to good health which can be practised on a long-term and sustainable basis.

The journey of Modern Mayr Medicine hardcore fasting to medical detox
The journey of Modern Mayr Medicine hardcore fasting to medical detox

100 years on …

More than a century ago, Dr Franz Xaver Mayr (1875-1965) developed a comprehensive programme for restoring digestive health using an ancient healing method: fasting. The essence of his therapy, which is also preventative in nature, was to rest the digestive tract, then purify and detoxify the gut. Then, in the 1980s, the classic Mayr programme underwent some changes with modification to the ‘bread roll and milk’ fasting diet. Dr Winkler, pioneer of Modern Mayr Medicine, developed the Mayr method in line with the latest scientific methods and insights, tailoring the original principles to reflect the latest conventional and complementary medical findings. Today at the Park Igls Mayr clinic, current Medical Director Dr Peter Gartner has a forward-thinking approach.

‘Modern Mayr Medicine has established itself as a holistic programme that meets individual needs and results in enhanced vitality by absorbing insights from conventional medicine, complementary medicine and psychology,’ Dr Gartner explains.

Modern Mayr Medicine takes into consideration lifestyle modifications caused by stress, work, time poverty and dietary changes. The holistic method rests on three pillars: nutrition, exercise and regeneration with the aim of improving vital energy, the source of health and wellbeing. ‘Every aspect of Modern Mayr Medicine has been in constant development over the years. Close cooperation with a wide range of disciplines gives us a head start in every respect’, Dr Gartner emphasises.

The journey of Modern Mayr Medicine hardcore fasting to medical detox

The six principles of Modern Mayr Medicine

So what does this sustainable, scientifically proven, medical, therapeutic and preventative method really entail?

Historically, Mayr therapy involved resting the digestive tract through a strict diet of bread rolls and milk, modified over time to avoid weakening the organism. Modern Mayr cuisine, however, is not about going hungry, self-denial or calorie counting – it’s about making lifestyle changes. Put simply: it’s about living healthily for the long term, cutting out things that are bad for us, but without sacrificing the pleasures of good food! Dr Gartner explains, ‘When we overload our body’s ‘waste collection system’ with unhealthy habits, by eating too quickly and too late, the body stores residual toxins in the connective and fatty tissue. Drinking large quantities of water under medical supervision together with the ingestion of certain bitter compounds can get rid of these surplus substances via the kidneys, liver and intestines. To avoid producing new ‘garbage’ during the process, we seriously reduce food intake during detoxification by fasting!’
Digestion starts in the mouth. The learning part of Mayr therapy is related to correct chewing and eating, as well as adjusting dietary habits to suit individual nutritional needs. ‘Our medical lectures and the medical team teach you how to chew and enjoy food for the greatest benefit; your body rediscovers natural reflexes such as chewing, satiation and thirst’, Dr Gartner explains. ‘Moreover, each guest benefits from personalised nutritional advice, as well as the latest information on nutritional psychology.’
Cleansing the body’s digestive system and tissues by drinking plenty of liquids and taking a daily dose of bitter water lies at the heart of every Mayr programme – both traditional and contemporary. The essence of Franz Xaver Mayr’s therapy was to purify and detoxify the gut to encourage the body to eliminate toxins. Cleansing the gastrointestinal tract can regenerate the blood, bodily fluids, cells and tissue and activate their self-healing ability. The principle of cleansing the body’s ‘central organ’ still applies today at Park Igls, and is supported by sweating, Kneipp treatments, herbal baths and, most importantly, liver compresses and manual abdominal treatments.
To prevent deficiency, the diet plan can be supplemented with important alkalis, vitamins, minerals and trace elements that the body may lack during a course of therapy. The diet can be individually tailored to each guest’s personal needs and health.
Moderate physical activity is a key component of Modern Mayr Medicine. Daily exercise under the instruction of dedicated professionals ensures a successful therapeutic programme and boosts overall health and fitness, as well as preventing diabetes, obesity, hypertension, depression and arthritis. A 20-minute workout daily significantly improves wellbeing and health on both physical and psychological levels – and also increases life expectancy. The exercise programme at Park Igls is based on five pillars: cardiovascular, strength, sensorimotor coordination, flexibility and relaxation. Carried out consistently and for appropriate periods of time, balanced training across all pillars will have a sustainable and measurable effect on health and wellbeing.
Dr Franz Xaver Mayr understood the link between physical and emotional detoxification, and therefore anticipated that his therapeutic approach could also have positive psychological effects. During their stay, many guests develop a desire to divest themselves of emotional baggage and find a new sense of balance. Park Igls Mayr clinic therefore offers mental detox modules involving muscle relaxation exercises and breathing techniques, autogenic training, psychotherapeutic one-to-one-sessions and psychological counselling. Ultimately, the underlying causes of unhealthy behaviour can be overcome by internal processes. Modern Mayr Medicine facilitates the implementation of permanent lifestyle changes in favour of a new, health-centred way of life, thereby serving as a holistic therapy for both body and soul.


Our metabolism needs still water! Water transports nutrients and helps flush out toxins. In addition, water is needed for muscle growth and to plump up our cells – this is especially visible on our skin. An adult should drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day – and 3 during a fast.

The journey of Modern Mayr Medicine hardcore fasting to medical detox

Modern Mayr Medicine at a glance

  • MEDICINE It is based on the classic Mayr methods and combines conventional and complementary medicine.
  • THERAPY You and your Mayr physician discuss which form of therapy and accompanying treatments would most benefit you.

  • PREVENTATIVE Holistic intestinal cleansing and stabilisation regenerate the gastrointestinal tract, improving its self-healing powers and effectively warding off diseases. At the same time, metabolism, blood pressure and weight are regulated, which in turn reduces the risk factors for certain diseases such as heart attacks. Along with learning how to chew and eat, a daily exercise guide and regular planned cleansing phases, Modern Mayr Medicine has proven to be a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.

  • DIAGNOSTIC In recent decades, traditional Mayr diagnostics have grown and evolved as they embraced compatible conventional and complementary medical techniques. Today, Mayr diagnostics are at the pinnacle of medical knowledge.

  • FOR HIM & HER Park Igls offers gender-based medical services to be able to respond both diagnostically and preventively to gender-specific physiological issues.

  • FOR GOLFERS TheMedGolf® is a golf-specific training plan that incorporates medical and physiotherapeutic insights and teaches golfers how to perfect a pain-free swing.

If this story has got you interested in starting your journey with Niche Destinations, please enquire here.


If this story has got you interested in starting your journey with Niche Destinations, please enquire here.