Medical news from the Park Igls Mayr clinic

  • Modern Mayr Medicine news from the Park Igls Mayr clinic in Austria
  • Modern Mayr Medicine news from the Park Igls Mayr clinic in Austria
  • Modern Mayr Medicine news from the Park Igls Mayr clinic in Austria
  • Modern Mayr Medicine news from the Park Igls Mayr clinic in Austria
  • Modern Mayr Medicine news from the Park Igls Mayr clinic in Austria

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Apples and bananas stand accused!

Park Igls Mayr clinic, Tyrol, Austria – How do pears, apples and plums trigger food intolerances? Do we see with our eyes – or with the whole body? What is kybun® – and how can it help weight loss? Movement and life: can we rediscover them with Feldenkrais® and Mental Detox? What is the best fasting method? The new ParkZeit holds the answers to these and many more questions.

Are food intolerances just a 21st century fad? Nearly one in five adults is affected, but why has the healthy fruit salad stopped being good for us? What exactly is fructose intolerance? Doctors at one of the world’s leading medical spas believe it is a product of our way of life. Improving the immune system is key, say the experts in innovative and holistic diagnostics and treatments.

Lifestyle and food intolerance

‘Regardless of season and origin, we consume a colossal range of foods that have the potential to trigger intolerances because we never have to go without them,’ warns Dr Richard Kogelnig, Deputy Medical Director at Park Igls Mayr clinic. ‘It must also be said that the food industry is responsible for a multitude of health problems: our “fresh” fruit is contaminated with pesticides and harmful substances. The food industry produces vast quantities of fructose, which is also used as a preservative along with other alcoholic sugar derivatives such as sorbitol and xylitol – all of which have consequences for the metabolism and immune system.’

Modern Mayr Medicine news from the Park Igls Mayr clinic in Austria

Compromised intestinal barrier can lead to Alzheimer’s

Should we be taking fructose and other food intolerances more seriously? They are thought to be a chief cause of ‘leaky gut syndrome’. This is when the damaged intestinal barrier allows macro-molecules into the bloodstream, disturbing the gut-associated immune system. Recent research suggests that this fosters health problems, ranging from autoimmune issues to Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Boost the immune system to tackle intolerances

Among the helpful remedies are probiotics and colon cleansing. Since we know that 70-80% of our immune system is located in the intestinal mucosa, Mayr therapies always aim to restore the immune system. Moderate fasting, briefly restricting the diet to a few foods for a few days or weeks and thorough chewing to pre-digest food – at least 20 times for every mouthful – allow the gut’s microbiome and damaged mucosa to recover. ‘Countless sufferers have their first experience of intestinal regeneration when they come to stay with us and, after an intestinal cleansing … many report that they are completely symptom-free,’ says GP and psychologist Dr Kogelnig.

Self-discovery and Modern Mayr Medicine

Modern Mayr medicine is about so much more than just fasting and colon cleansing. The therapeutic approach has become a way of life that encompasses innovative exercise programmes as well as pathways towards self-discovery, all of which are overseen by doctors and counsellors.
The Mayr clinic’s golf-specific training programme, for example, unites medical and physiotherapeutic insights to help golfers improve their swing and avoid pain. Park Igls is Austria’s only TheMedGolf® institute. The Mayr clinic’s way of life embraces medicine, therapy, prevention and diagnostics. As part of the constant evolution, guests can now benefit from gender-specific medical services too.

So many ways to fast – what’s the best?

Mayr, Buchinger, alkaline – which is the most effective? Find out in the ParkZeit. Should some people avoid fasting altogether? Dr Peter Gartner, Medical Director at the Health Retreat Park Igls, recommends: ‘keep calm and drink alkaline tea’. In his view: ‘the condition of the digestive tract is reflected clearly in a person’s state of health. Our detoxification method teaches us a great deal that we can apply in everyday life.’

A bit fruity?

Fruit and the healthy digestive system: what are the dos and don’ts? What and how much fruit is good for us, and when should we eat it? What about mixing fruits? Plus: unusual fruit and vegetable combinations to pep up your cooking. Markus Sorg, Chef de Cuisine at Park Igls, inspires us with his profound understanding of good food and good health by disclosing when fruit is a no-go and sharing salad recipes for perfect summer lunches.

From slipped disc to headstand with Feldenkrais®

Everything is possible with a little trust in the power of learning. Feldenkrais® teaches Awareness Through Movement®, helping us first to perceive and then change our habits. Moshé Feldenkrais: ‘many know what they don’t want; some do know what they want; but even fewer know how to achieve it. Awareness offers the solution by shining a light on what is required and how to get there, thereby releasing creative powers.’

How many eyes?

‘We don’t see with our eyes alone,’ says eye specialist and Park Igls consultant Dr Gudrun Weise-Zorowka. Our physical sensitivities have just as much influence over eye health as do environmental factors and lifestyle. Can we halt eye diseases at an early stage? The specialist believes that prevention and early detection are key. She explains what we can do to help ourselves and the best treatments for the most common eye disorders.

Exercise prevents heart attacks, strokes and diabetes

‘Medically sound exercise prevents heart attacks, strokes and diabetes, wards off arthritis, obesity and depression, and keeps young people away from boredom, drugs and alcohol,’ says Dr Peter Gartner, the Medical Director at Tyrol’s top medical spa. Michael Multerer, Park Igls’s sports expert, reveals how to set achievable goals, integrate exercise into your routine, and enjoy a balanced diet.

Escape the burnout trap with a mental detox

Are you aware of your limits – and if you are, do you respect them? Knowing what our needs are, giving them attention and maintaining mental balance are important for avoiding burnout. Discover your burnout level with our test and detoxify your brain with effective tips from the health psychologists at Park Igls. Be kind to yourself, reduce your online time, simplify your schedule and stop trying to multi task: it really doesn’t work.

Get ahead with kybun® at Park Igls Mayr clinic

Go from couch potato to sports champion with kybun®. Discover how unstable shoes, soft mats and a bouncy treadmill can give us the kick-start we need: kyBoot shoes, the kyTrainer treadmill and kyBounder health mats exercise deep muscles thereby relaxing all of the body’s muscles and helping to alleviate back pain, obesity and cardiovascular disease.
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