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Holistic retreat: Mind Detox with European Ayurveda®

  • Mental- & Mind-Detox mit European Ayurveda® Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof
  • Mental- & Mind-Detox mit European Ayurveda® Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof
  • Mental- & Mind-Detox mit European Ayurveda® Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof
  • Mental- & Mind-Detox mit European Ayurveda® Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof

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Escaping the hamster wheel of emails and social media is an ever-present challenge in the fast-moving, results-driven lives we lead. When did you last eat without distraction, savouring every morsel? European Ayurveda® and Mind Detox offer a structure and a sustainable pathway to a more balanced life. It’s about being in the moment; slowing down, with body, mind and spirit in equilibrium, enjoying life and feeling it with all the senses.

Mind Detox holistic retreat European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof in Tyrol

Rebooting with European Ayurveda®

The ancient holistic philosophy of life and good health puts us on a path that fits in with everyday life and can be practised by anyone. Mind Detox coach Elisabeth Mauracher, manager of the European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof in Thiersee, Tyrol – market leader in European Ayurveda® – explains.

What lies behind the Mind Detox trend? And what is its significance?

Elisabeth Mauracher: In this fast-changing world we risk losing sight of the basics. As expectations rise – ours and those of others – it’s important to recognise our boundaries and needs – and stick to them. Mind Detox and coaching restore our internal balance, teaching us to pay attention to the body, clear the mind and connect with the ‘essence’ – our soul. It’s about feeling sustained, recognising that we are one of life’s gifts. Mind Detox sustainably strengthens mindfulness, awareness and holistic health – and thereby increases happiness and joie de vivre.

How would you express the core of Mind Detox in one sentence?

Mauracher: Mind Detox helps us recognise and realise our potential.

What do your coaching clients experience?

Mauracher: In my capacity as a Mind Detox coach, I accompany clients on a journey to their true self. They discover what makes them happy, what lies within, and how to live life with confidence and faith. They find contentment by drawing on their creativity and releasing trapped energy in the now.

Another central issue is letting go. To lead a fulfilled, successful life, we need to let go of things that hold us back such as blame, negativity and unhelpful beliefs. The secret of positive receptivity lies in letting go.

What feedback do you get? Does coaching help in the long term?

Mauracher: Many people don’t realise that they have forgotten how to feel beauty, the key to happiness, until they embark on a coaching session. This consciousness should accompany us throughout life. I receive a lot of positive feedback from people whose new-found awareness helps them improve their lives by doing what is necessary. Clients feel that acknowledging and releasing years of negative beliefs has a ground-breaking effect. One woman told me: ‘The moment this belief became apparent to me was life-changing’. She finally understood and believed in her value. Many people appreciate being given a tool to take away that changes their lives. So yes, I am convinced that coaching helps in the long term.

Is there a link between Mind Detox and Ayurveda?

Mauracher: Of course – they are almost inseparable. Mind Detox and Ayurveda, which has been practised for 5,000 years, base personal fulfilment on good health and act on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Holistic balance is the goal, and that includes spirituality, meditation, mindfulness and personal development. Many guests book a Panchakarma treatment programme to complement Mind Detox coaching and workshops. The ‘queen’ of Ayurvedic treatments helps the body to expel accumulated toxins and rebalance any disturbance in the Doshas, the vital forces that shape our physical, mental and spiritual health. Mind Detox coaching and Ayurvedic treatments are the detox dream-team, complementing each other in a holistic retreat.

Clear your mind!
Mind Detox coach Elisabeth Mauracher’s 9 tips for your daily routine

On waking, spend 15-30 minutes meditating while the brain is still in an alpha wave state, making access to the subconscious easier. Visualising goals and practising gratitude are most effective at this time.
Start the day with a large glass of hot water, fresh lemon and ginger and, if necessary, a teaspoon of forest honey – let the water cool enough to drink before adding the honey – to flush toxins from the body.
Practise Ayurvedic morning rituals such as oil pulling and tongue scraping to boost immunity.
Take 15 minutes to note down your dreams, objectives and the day’s actions to help you achieve them.
Every day, devote a few minutes to inspirational reading – and make a note of any interesting thoughts that arise.
Your morning shower offers a perfect opportunity for mentally purifying yourself of anything that has no benefit.
Give thanks for the new day, your body, mind and spirit.
Do what makes you happy and strong and helps others.
How would you like to feel? Believe in it!

Mind Detox coach Elisabeth Mauracher

Elisabeth Mauracher is manager of the European Ayurveda® Resort Sonnhof, a Yoga teacher, a consultant for energetic Vastu fumigation and soon to be an Ayurvedic psychology consultant. She is committed to Flow Yoga, somatic Yoga, consciousness training and meditation.

AyurDetox Intensive Programme

7 nights, 6 treatment days:
* Consultation, pulse diagnosis & concluding consultation * Vishesh – energy massage * Jambira Pinda Sveda – bag massage * Shirodhara – flowing oil treatment * Udvartana – herbal powder massage with two therapists * Abhyanga – Ayurvedic full body oil massage * Intensive back treatment * Garshan – silk glove massage with two therapists * Udanavata© – abdominal massage * Virechana – day of purification * Basti – gentle enema *
Detox diet – acid-alkaline balance * Weekly programme of Yoga & meditation * Herbs for the duration of your stay * Hot water & ginger drinking treatment * Use of the AyurvedaCentre

from €2,572 pp in a single room

About the Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof

The Sonnhof is a pioneer of European Ayurveda®, a holistic Ayurvedic concept based on three pillars – diagnosis and treatment, Ayurvedic nutrition, and Yoga, Mind Detox and meditation. Comprehensive programmes at this unique retreat range from AyurDetox short detox treatments and Fountain of Youth Rejuvenation Weeks to Rasayana and Panchakarma treatments. At all times guests are given advice and encouragement by the Sonnhof team of experts, including Ayurvedic physician Gaurav Sharma (BAMS), and Dr Alaettin Sinop, a GP and specialist in naturopathic medicine. The Ayurveda Resort’s own culinary brand, European Ayurveda cuisine, adapts the principles of Ayurvedic nutrition to European tastes by using first-class produce sourced from the Resort’s own organic farm, the region’s markets and local food producers.

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