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  • Tatler Spa Guide 2019 Park Igls Mayr clinic Tyrol Austria
  • Tatler Spa Guide 2019 Park Igls Mayr clinic Tyrol Austria_Dr. Peter Gartner_Francesca Whiteboard_Mag. Andrea Gnaegi
  • Tatler Spa Guide 2019 Park Igls Mayr clinic Tyrol Austria_Dr. Peter Gartner_Mag. Andrea Gnaegi

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Mental and emotional balance, good health, detox and fitness are today’s prime parameters – with equilibrium, fitness and stress relief being high up on most people’s wish lists. All of these featured at the presentation of the Tatler Spa Guide 2019 in London’s Hotel Café Royal on 30 April – and all reflect Park Igls’s Modern Mayr Medicine philosophy.

Park Igls ranked amongst world’s best spas in Tatler Spa Guide 2019

The hard facts of the booming wellness industry were set out during the 12th Tatler Spa Guide presentation. Current trends show that solid concepts and superb medical competence are key. Therefore, only a hand-picked selection of the best spas, retreats, mental and physical health programmes made it into the 2019’s Guide. The health sector is tasked with meeting society’s growing demands which, as Tatler stresses, increasingly focus on mental health. The Park Igls Mayr clinic’s ninth listing among the world’s best spas demonstrates that its forward-looking approach to mental and physical health and unparalleled medical know-how is taking it in the right direction.

The Guide also highlights the clinic’s delicious and detoxifying Modern Mayr cuisine, the supportive staff and the exercise and therapy programme – the best cure for detox discomfort!

In the Guide’s own words, ‘new therapies include the TheMedGolf® Institute, which combines medical and physiotherapeutic relief for golfers plagued by back pain; and the sleep laboratory: an antidote for insomniacs, where a sleep specialist visits you in your room to ensure restful slumber.’

This ninth listing in the UK Tatler Spa Guide is high validation for the Park Igls Mayr clinic’s Managing Director Andrea Gnägi and its Medical Director Dr Peter Gartner.

‘Being among Tatler’s best spas in the world … is just the most brilliant recognition of our whole team’s expertise and hard work,’ says Andrea Gnägi. ‘Our diagnostics and therapies are always at the vanguard – be they medical, physiotherapeutic, psychotherapeutic, diet or exercise-based – and this is exactly how we mean to continue,’ emphasises Dr Peter Gartner.

The Tatler Spa Guide 2019 lists 79 hand-picked retreats worldwide; Park Igls is one of only two award-winning health resorts and four listed spas in the whole of Austria.

Park Igls Mayr clinic

Park Igls Mayr clinic is one of Europe’s leading medi-spas. At the ‘house in the park’, guests are offered bespoke exercise, nutrition and regeneration programmes as well as state-of-the-art diagnostic services – all of which are based on Modern Mayr Medicine’s ground-breaking concepts. In addition to its own medical department and a destination spa, guests at Park Igls enjoy spacious relaxation rooms, fitness studios and a well-equipped gym. Modern Mayr cuisine is an integral component of the innovative services on offer. Park Igls is unique in the world: unlike other destinations, preventive medicine at Park Igls Mayr clinic is based on six not four Mayr principles. In addition to cleansing, supplementing, self-discovery and exercise, the guests at Park Igls also benefit from ‘learning how to chew and eat’ and ‘resting the digestive tract’. The Mayr clinic in Tyrol has won multiple awards for being one of the most effective medi-spas.

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