• Destination Spa im Zeichen des Bergbaus Wellnesshotel Südtirol
  • Destination Spa im Zeichen des Bergbaus Wellnesshotel Südtirol
  • Destination Spa im Zeichen des Bergbaus Wellnesshotel Südtirol
  • Destination Spa im Zeichen des Bergbaus Wellnesshotel Südtirol
  • Destination Spa im Zeichen des Bergbaus Wellnesshotel Südtirol

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Wrap up – with the Ulten sheep’s wool treatment. Follow in the footsteps of silver quartzite – from the primordial Tethys Sea. Alpine herbal bath. South Tyrolean hay wrap. Rock salt crystals that release blockages. Grotto realm. Tunnel pool. Pithead. The 4-star spa hotel Plunhof in the South Tyrolean village of Ridnaun is setting new standards with a concept unique in Europe that focuses entirely on the power of the region’s mining tradition combined with Alpine energy. Winner of ‘Best Spa in Italy’ and nominated for the World Luxury Spa Awards 2019.

Europe’s only ‘wellness above and below the surface’ concept was created in homage to the ancient mining tradition around Ridnaun. This is familiar territory for the Volgger family of hoteliers, as the ancestors of the eight siblings and their mother Paula mined for silver in one of the highest mines in Europe at 2,500 metres. This family history was the starting point for the pioneering Spa Minera and Acqua Minera concept at the 4-star superior Hotel Plunhof.

Destination Spa im Zeichen des Bergbaus Wellnesshotel Südtirol

Pioneering 4,000sqm mining-themed spa

Immerse yourself in the salt water. Find invigoration in the grotto realm. Warm up in the tunnel sauna, miner’s sauna, steam room, Feuerlöchl infrared cabins and around the fireplace. Relax in the pithead. Swim a few lengths in Acqua Minera – the new poolscape at the award-winning spa hotel. And indulge in some fitness and overall balance at the completely new panoramic gym, Yoga studio, Yoga and meditation roof terrace and panoramic relaxation room. The Volggers have invested around €6.5 million on expanding their legendary haven of wellness and improving the infrastructure of the Alpine holiday paradise. The unique mining-themed spa at 1,340m altitude now covers 4,000sqm. So it’s not surprising that the destination spa has also been nominated for the prestigious World Luxury Spa Awards 2019.

Innovative wellness concept at spa hotel Plunhof in South Tyrol (Italy)

Beauty as a law of nature at Spa Minera

Water, fire, air and earth. Experience the power of the elements and nature at Spa Minera with all six senses. The natural range of beauty products draws its strength from the rock and soil. Spa Minera’s range of treatments is presented as a sophisticated symbiosis of the most valuable treasures of nature and the most innovative formulas from decades of research. High-tech natural products meet certified organic cosmetics. Exclusive solutions for supporting the skin are paired with anti-ageing treatments with collagen, pioneering exfoliation technology and energising oxygen. The skin is left looking firmer, younger and more radiant thanks to the power of nature and the key ingredients: hay, mud and seaweed. Not forgetting the skills of the expert team at the spa hotel, who massage it in with stones.

Innovative wellness concept at spa hotel Plunhof in South Tyrol (Italy)

The Power of Stone: a Signature Treatment

Rock-solid natural beauty: the Power of Stone Signature Treatment – exclusively developed at Spa Minera. Start off with a wrap of sun-dried natural earth and pure flower water that deeply nourishes your skin with minerals and trace elements as it eases, cools and relaxes. This boosts the immune system, cleanses the body and, in conjunction with colour energy essential oils, bestows a holistic sense of wellbeing. Afterwards, enjoy a foot massage and a neck and head massage to release tension and bring about profound relaxation. The crowning glory? A massage that harnesses the power of stone: the tingling hot and cold effect of locally sourced mica schist brings the body into energetic balance. Combined with essential oils, this massage stimulates the metabolism, relieves stress and increases vitality as it brings together body, mind and spirit. A beauty and wellbeing ritual for all six senses.

Innovative wellness concept at spa hotel Plunhof in South Tyrol (Italy)

Discover South Tyrolean wellbeing: silver quartzite

Although imperceptible to the eye, vibrational primal forces form a universal energy that connects the entire cosmos. The South Tyrolean primeval stone massage follows this universal principle. Silver quartzite from the mountains of the Pfitsch Valley is the essential component of wellness innovation. Its shimmering silver surface makes it a gem for mineral collectors, and now its inner values are coming to the fore: its high silica content gives this stone therapeutic properties. The primordial rock tightens connective tissue, strengthens bones and deacidifies the body. It also contains rare biotite, muscovite and zircon – precious minerals with proven antibacterial and heat-conducting effects. Silver quartzite has a unique composition and is the first Alpine stone to prove ideal for energetic massage therapy.

‘In this advanced world, we are driven by stress and the pressure to succeed yet find ourselves searching for pockets of calm, places to envelop us and help us feel that we are an important part of the whole. This wellness ceremony is guided by natural resources. We draw our energy from the treasures that surround us and harness nature’s hidden magic.’

Innovative wellness concept at spa hotel Plunhof in South Tyrol (Italy)

Salt: releases energy blockages

A holistic ritual for the face and body based on the natural healing power of salt. The salt signature treatment includes a body scrub and wrap followed by the highlight: a rock salt massage. A beguiling mix of massage and energy work with a profound effect. Real salt crystals tackle energy blockages and provide the skin with trace elements and minerals. You will be given the salt stones to take home for another detoxifying salt bath.

Destination Spa Pluin hof Wellnesshotel Südtirol Spa-Konzept Ultner Schafwolle

Sheep’s wool and Swiss pine

Relax and breathe deeply. As you lie on a sheep’s wool blanket you are covered by the finest sheep’s wool wrap as part of the Ulten sheep’s wool treatment – its warmth and lanolin gently penetrate the deeper layers of skin, ensuring a sense of wellbeing. The body is gently massaged using wisps of wool. A smudging with Swiss pine and Alpine rose clears the mind and generates deeper relaxation. Good to know: the sheep’s wool fleece can be taken home afterwards. For a little more Swiss pine, try the Pine Vitality massage. The warmth of the Swiss pine massage rollers as they glide over the skin brings inner peace and relaxation as well as improved circulation. Furthermore, it releases tension and blockages, promotes energy flow and activates self-healing powers. The Pine Vitality Signature Treatment also includes a gentle face massage with Swiss pine pebbles.

Innovative wellness concept at spa hotel Plunhof in South Tyrol (Italy)

Dr. Spiller Biocosmetics – Pure SkinCare Solutions

Cheek to cheek with Alpine balance. And with Dr. Spiller Biocosmetics: the skincare system guarantees ingredients of the utmost biological purity. Spa Minera offers a medley of Signature Treatments by Dr. Spiller Biocosmetics. Dr Spiller CELLTRESOR – this exclusive CELLTRESOR programme with targeted muscle relaxation smooths the skin deep down and relaxes the facial features. Detox body treatment on the soft-pack treatment bed – this thalasso treatment, which harnesses the synergy of three different types of seaweed, detoxifies the skin, firms the connective tissue and improves the silhouette. A body scrub to stimulate blood flow is followed by a detoxifying body wrap to firm the tissue. After the treatment, a leg massage is recommended to encourage fluid to drain from the tissue. Not forgetting the men, Dr. Spiller’s cutting-edge skincare system is tailored to the needs of male skin. After decades of research and taking into account their specific characteristics and requirements, it uses natural ingredients. The result? Innovative and highly effective formulas to improve the appearance of male skin in a natural way.

Innovative wellness concept at spa hotel Plunhof in South Tyrol (Italy)

!QMS Medicosmetics

Award-winning excellence – this highly efficient skincare system is the recipient of many accolades, including the World’s Best Spa Brand in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Developed by Dr Erich Schulte and made in Germany, this skincare collection has a huge global fan base including the Volggers. This is because the powerful anti-ageing products for face and body combine revolutionary techniques with the most precious of ingredients, tailor-made to rejuvenate the skin. Oxygen beauty boost? 98% pure oxygen concentrate for fresh, radiant and healthy skin.

Innovative wellness concept at spa hotel Plunhof in South Tyrol (Italy)

About the 4-star superior Hotel Plunhof

Hotel Plunhof is run by the Volgger family, probably the first family business in the world to be run by eight siblings and their mother. Their environmental awareness and commitment to the region and tradition are reflected across the entire hotel, from the Mediterranean Alpine kitchen to the hotel’s Bacchus wine cellar, materials, furnishings and architecture. Thus, the Plunhof is one of the first EU Ecolabel certified hotels in South Tyrol. It has also attained ClimateHotel pre-certification. The 67 rooms and suites offer guests insights into the world of mining and are all named after members of the family. All offer views over the impressive peaks of the Stubai Alps.
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