Panchakarma European Ayurveda Resort Mandira Niche Destinations
Panchakarma European Ayurveda Resort Mandira Niche Destinations


Bad Waltersdorf, Styria

European Ayurveda Resort Mandira

Package Panchakarma Classic
Country Austria
Area Bad Waltersdorf, Styria
Property European Ayurveda Resort Mandira
Style Styrian grand hotel flair meets European Ayurveda®
Segment Wellbeing
4-star superior

Panchakarma detox

Health is the most important asset in life and something we all desire. However, achieving good health with the right amount of exercise, sensible nutrition, and a sensible lifestyle can be difficult. We don’t always know what’s good for us – we’ve forgotten how to listen to our senses. Panchakarma and European Ayurveda® help you get back on track – towards a healthy life.

Panchakarma – the queen of Ayurvedic treatments – is an Ayurvedic detoxification programme with an array of benefits such as weight reduction, a remedy for metabolic disorders or a boost of the immune system following illness. The programme helps you to make lifestyle changes, find the way to yourself, and promotes inner peace by combining stress reduction with physical, mental and spiritual cleansing.

Panchakarma European Ayurveda Resort Mandira Niche Destinations
Insider Tip
  • Authentic Ayurveda without the long-haul flight
  • European Ayurvedic cuisine – fresh, regional, seasonal
  • Healing thermal springs
  • Programme of Yoga and meditation
  • Variety of detox and Panchakarma cures
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Panchakarma Classic

1 October 2020 – 16 January 2021

  • 10 nights including gourmet full board and Mandira included services

  • Consultation and pulse diagnosis
  • Nutrition and lifestyle coaching
  • Concluding consultation
  • Therapeutic supervision
  • Snehana – administration of ghee to loosen waste products
  • Virechana – day of purification
  • Treatments tailored to suit your personal medical history, e.g.:

    • 2 Energy Body Balance massages – Ayurvedic full-body massage
    • 2 Abhyanga – Ayurvedic full body oil massages with two therapists
    • 2 Jambira Pinda Sveda – bag massage, or Garshan – silk glove massage
    • 1 Spiritual Healing – personal , spiritual interaction for inner balance
    • 1 Udvartana – herbal powder massage
    • 1 Pizzichilli (Sekka) – full-body oil treatment with two therapists
    • 1 Udanavata – abdominal massage
    • 1 Nasya – nasal treatment
    • 2 Shirodhara – flowing oil treatment (30 mins)
    • 3 Basti – gentle enemas
    • 1 Upana – Alpine salt and oil scrub to release stressful energy and strengthen the immune system
    • 1 Padabhyanga – Ayurvedic foot massage
    • 1 classic back massage (25 mins)
  • Svedana – heat therapy
  • Hot water and ginger drinking treatment
  • Weekly programme of Yoga and meditation
  • Use of the Ayurveda Spa
  • Access to the in-house thermal healing springs
  • Full Panchakarma board (included in room rate)

from €3,360 pp

Ayurveda retreat European Ayurveda Resort Mandira Niche Destinations
Ayurveda retreat European Ayurveda Resort Mandira Niche Destinations
Enjoy Niche destinations Luxury hotels Austria Morocco Belgium Italy

European Ayurveda Resort Mandira brings the tried and tested approach of European Ayurveda® closer to Vienna, Graz and eastern Europe. Bad Waltersdorf is famous for two healing thermal springs, making this an ideal location for treatment of musculoskeletal issues in combination with a Panchakarma cure. Complementary, Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine combine with contemporary diagnostics and treatments. Mindfulness, mind detox and Ayurvedic psychology for freedom and strength. Unique exercise and regeneration programme combining Ayurveda and healing waters. With the focus on prevention and regeneration, guests benefit from a variety of outdoor pursuits including running and Nordic walking.

Photo credits: European Ayurveda Resort Mandira


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