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Ayurveda to combat the autumn blues

  • Herbst- und Winterdepression European Ayurveda hilft ernährung Bewegung Yoga
  • Herbst- und Winterdepression European Ayurveda hilft ernährung Bewegung Yoga
  • Herbst- und Winterdepression European Ayurveda hilft ernährung Bewegung Yoga
  • Herbst- und Winterdepression European Ayurveda hilft ernährung Bewegung Yoga
  • Herbst- und Winterdepression European Ayurveda hilft ernährung Bewegung Yoga
  • Herbst- und Winterdepression European Ayurveda hilft ernährung Bewegung Yoga

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The beautiful sunshine and mild summer evenings are now behind us, as the rustle of autumn returns. Gloomy November days can feel incredibly bleak, and Kapha types in particular tend to suffer from autumn depression. According to the teachings of Ayurveda, these are people dominated by the elements of Earth and Water. They are missing the Fire – which is exactly what we need at this time of year, as it fuels our joie de vivre and drives us forward. So how do we ignite the Fire? With European Ayurveda®!

Sometimes the motivation to get up and face the day just isn’t there. Your energy reserves are depleted. Fancy some exercise? You must be joking! … Kapha types in particular tend to suffer tremendous listlessness and low spirits. “In the darker months the Kapha Dosha sets the tone, which means the elements of Earth and Water are dominant. Anyone who predominantly carries the basic energy of Kapha within them tends to have difficulties. Unfortunately, in a good number of people, these low moods can develop into serious autumn and winter depression”, explains Dr Gaurav Sharma, Ayurveda physician at the Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof in Hinterthiersee in Tyrol. But you can take remedial action, as the Kapha Dosha is counteracted by the fiery Pitta and airy Vata energies.

Stoke the Fire!

It is possible to control the elements within you through your own efforts and with the help of European Ayurveda®: Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof’s approach to the 5,000-year-old tried and tested philosophy tailored to western requirements in Hinterthiersee in Tyrol. According to Ayurveda – the pathway to a long and healthy life – there are three basic energies, or Doshas, that influence nature and every living being: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Vata stands for the elements Air/Ether, Pitta for Fire/Water and Kapha for Earth/Water. If these three bioenergies are in harmony, we enjoy good health and feel well and balanced physically and psychologically. However, if the three Doshas are out of sync, we suffer imbalance and health problems. Nature’s influence can amplify this. The cold and wet weather brings forth the Kapha energy. This means it’s important to reduce your Kapha energy and top up with extra doses of Pitta and Vata!

How to recharge your joie de vivre

“Light activates the production of the body’s own cortisol hormone, which makes us feel alert and refreshed. Lots of exercise in the fresh air boosts the Pitta and Vata Doshas. Pitta, the Fire element, refreshes our drive, stimulating a slow metabolism and combating tiredness as a result. Vata, the movable Wind element, releases our body and mind from difficulties. Dismal thoughts give way to a healthy serving of joie de vivre”, Dr Sharma explains, based on decades of Ayurvedic practice. With reduced daylight during the gloomier months, the importance of fresh air and outdoor exercise during autumn and winter is essential for our wellbeing. If we lock ourselves up within our own four walls, the lack of light drains our energy levels.

Eat to boost energy

It has long since been known that the bowel has a great influence over our mind and is considered our ‘second brain’. For the last 5,000 years, Ayurveda has taught us we are what we eat. At the Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof the Indian healing art has been adapted to suit European needs and lifestyles, tailored to local climatic conditions, culinary habits and modern work challenges. When it comes to autumn and winter nutrition, reduce Kapha in your diet and increase your Pitta intake. Specifically: light, warming, nourishing dishes and drinks help us to stimulate stabilising, positive life energy during the cold season. Ideal foods include freshly prepared vegetarian dishes, valuable oils, dried fruit, cereal flakes, pulses, steamed vegetables with a small amount of cereal and red-coloured fruit and vegetables. Also recommended across-the-board are warming, hot spices which stimulate the metabolism, such as mustard, ginger, garlic, pepper, chilli, cloves and cinnamon. Warm drinks too, preferably ginger or cinnamon tea. Special Ayurveda blends also have a stimulating effect: Kapha spices and Kapha tea are especially balancing. Warm dishes should be favoured over raw foods, particularly during the evenings. It is best to avoid fatty foods such as cheese or anything deep-fried.

Tender loving care for mind, body and soul

Bring body, mind and soul into balance with European Ayurveda® – not just through diet and exercise, but also with targeted therapies and remedies. “In all of our activities during the cold season here at the Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof, we place great emphasis on balancing Kapha in our guests. For example, through Abhyanga – a full body massage with Kapha oil”, explains European Ayurveda® physician, Dr Sharma. Other than that, Pitta should be reinforced, so everything red, orange and yellow should be prospering right now, whether choosing groceries, clothing or our environment – these colours are warming and have an invigorating effect. Beautiful, harmonious music and a friendly atmosphere also enhance our mood. Equally, don’t neglect the power of scent! Aromatic, warm scents such as Kapha aromatic oil can ease feelings of fatigue, heaviness and depression. In summary: there is at least one herb to help with every low mood. And many ways to help pick yourself up again.

Wave goodbye to autumn depression!
5 simple mood enhancers – with no side effects!

  1. Light, fresh air & exercise: Consciously recharge your batteries on a daily basis – get outdoors into the fresh air and preferably combine with some light physical exertion.
  2. Food: Warming, nourishing, but not too fatty dishes and drinks have a positive effect on us – avoid raw food!
  3. Care for your mind, body & soul – with targeted massages, relaxing music and a harmonious, friendly environment.
  4. Red, orange and yellow enhance your mood – whether in food, clothing or your home environment.
  5. Scents: The power of scent also affects our mood. For stimulation, go for aromatic, warm fragrances.
Herbst- und Winterdepression European Ayurveda hilft ernährung Bewegung Yoga

About the Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof

Guests at the Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof in Hinterthiersee are offered a holistic medical Ayurveda break based on European Ayurveda® and the three pillars of health: Nutrition, Yoga, and Treatment. Rather than treat symptoms superficially, they are dealt with at root level by restoring the balance of Doshas by means of targeted therapies and remedies. The comprehensive programme ranges from the AyurDetox short detox treatments and Fountain of Youth Rejuvenation Weeks to the Rasayana and Panchakarma treatments. Ayurvedic beauty treatments and new forms of therapy, e.g. crystal light therapy and the Stimularium®, supplement the spectrum of services available at the AyurvedaCentre. At all times during their stay, guests are given advice and encouragement by the Sonnhof team of experts, which includes Ayurveda specialist Gaurav Sharma from India and Dr (med) Alaettin Sinop, a conventional GP and specialist in naturopathic medicine. A fully supervised Yoga and meditation programme forms a daily part of any treatment option at the Sonnhof. The Ayurveda Resort’s own culinary brand, European Ayurvedic Cuisine©, forms another fundamental component of the Sonnhof which takes into account the nutritional principles of Ayurveda and appeals to European tastes by utilising first-class products sourced from the Resort’s own organic farm as well as the region’s markets and food producers.
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