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Start the new year fit and healthy with European Ayurveda®, Hildegard von Bingen fasting and Modern Mayr Medicine.

Everyone’s searching for detox retreats when the festive season comes to an end. It makes sense, many people have overindulged and are longing for a revitalising break for body, mind and soul. They need to switch off, refuel and gently detox, and losing a little weight during the process may be a welcome bonus. There is a wide range of detox programmes and treatments, but what one person might enjoy and benefit from could be unbearable for another. That is why our motto is ‘Detox for the Individual’. We introduce three different detoxing methods and explain who they are suitable for.

detox retreats austria ayurveda fasting mayr clinic

European Ayurveda® – Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof, Tyrol, Austria

Ayurveda – the name originates from Sanskrit and essentially means ‘science of life’. The ancient Indian holistic system of knowledge is based on the inter-relationships of body, mind and spirit, and the mix of three life forces or Doshas – Vata, Pitta, Kapha – which are responsible for the basic characteristics and respective constitutions of human beings. If these Doshas are unbalanced due to stress, poor nutrition or other influences, we feel physically and mentally unwell. The aim of Ayurveda is to bring the three Doshas together in harmony using soothing oil massages, purifying measures, Ayurvedic nutrition, meditation and Yoga. At the Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof in Hinterthiersee in the Austrian Tyrol, knowledge of traditional Eastern Ayurveda is integrated into European culture to create a treatment programme geared towards our Western lifestyles, climatic conditions and eating habits. Hence the resort’s motto ‘Tyrol meets India’. Guests are offered a medical Ayurveda break based on European Ayurveda® and the three pillars of health –

Diagnosis & Treatment, Ayurvedic Nutrition and  Yoga, Mind Detox & Meditation – that is perfectly in tune with Western requirements and able to deal with modern lifestyle diseases.

Suitable for: Ayurveda fans who want to spare themselves the stress of a long-distance journey and the associated jetlag, change in climate and unfamiliar food. Guests who value competent diagnostic services and professional support during their stay. Anyone who loves Yoga, meditation and massages, and appreciates exquisite vegetarian dishes made from local ingredients with an Eastern touch.

Our recommendation: The one-week AyurDetox intensive programme brings greater energy, vitality and mobility. Targeted treatments expel toxins and waste materials from the body. Special Ayurvedic menus combine the findings of modern nutritional science with traditional knowledge and promote sustainable weight loss.

The AyurDetox intensive programme includes: Consultation, pulse diagnosis & concluding consultation / Vishesh – energy massage / Jambira Pinda Sveda – bag massage / Shirodhara – flowing oil treatment / Udvartana – herbal powder massage / Abhyanga – Ayurvedic full body oil massage / Intensive back treatments / Garshan – silk glove massage / Udanavata© – abdominal massage / Virechana – day of purification / Basti – gentle enema / Detox diet – acid-alkaline balance / Weekly programme of Yoga & meditation / Herbs for the duration of your stay / Hot water & ginger drinking treatment / Use of the AyurvedaCentre

Price: 6 treatment days €1,389 per person excl. accommodation (from €143 pp/night in a double room)

Valid to 6 January 2020
Advance reservation is essential.

detox retreats austria ayurveda fasting mayr clinic

Hildegard von Bingen fasting – Pirchnerhof Hotel & Farm, Tyrol, Austria

‘Nurture life wherever you find it’ – these words probably best sum up St Hildegard von Bingen’s teachings and how things are done at the Pirchner Hof, the first holistic Hildegard von Bingen hotel in Reith in Austria’s Alpbachtal. Her maxim is reflected in the kitchen – most of the ingredients for the special Hildegard dishes and the hotel’s standard menu come from their own farm or are supplied by local producers. The spa provides purifying detox baths, copper bristle brush massages and herbal packs. The same philosophy is applied to the guided walks, Hildegard lectures and seminars on herbs and medicinal plants. The approach of Hildegard von Bingen – Medieval saint, visionary, and herbalist – is a holistic one. It encompasses all spheres of life, is conducive to good health, life-affirming and practical, hence the reason her teachings remain so interesting and contemporary. With these elements combined, a stay at the 4-star Pirchner Hof is a mindful experience that will leave a lasting impression. Fasting is one of Hildegard von Bingen’s six principles which determine her life and teachings. It sharpens perception and creates space to focus on the essentials in life. However, Hildegard did not consider fasting as starvation but as mindful abstinence. She believed cutting out all food was harmful, not only to the body but also to the soul. A gentle outdoor exercise programme and being out in the elements is entirely in the spirit of Hildegard’s teachings and adds to their success. According to Hildegard expert and host Christa Peer, ‘People can effect great things when they put their heart and soul into them.’

Suitable for: Those with an interest in St Hildegard von Bingen’s six holistic principles, which are easily integrated into daily life. Guests willing to fast but wanting to lose weight healthily without starving. Anyone who favours a proven knowledge of health and wellbeing from our cultural sphere handed down through the centuries.

We recommend: The spelt-based fasting weeks with Hildegard expert Christa Peer, which involves a moderate spelt-based reduction diet including the Hildegard fasting soup. Detoxifying massages and treatments, a daily exercise and regeneration programme, and lectures on topics such as fasting, nutrition, remedies, herbs and spices support guests during their fast. The aim is to create new space, inner peace and a fresh awareness of your body.

The spelt-based fasting weeks include: moderate spelt-based fasting nutrition / 1 Hildegard menu / Introductory talk / Daily morning or evening meditations / Daily group meeting to share experiences / 3 talks on a range of Hildegard topics / Daily Baldmoney pear honey / Daily DIY liver compress and footbath / Daily exercise and regeneration programme / Add-on special offer treatment package (supplement €130) includes: 1 purifying full body pack / 1 lymphatic drainage / 1 copper bristle brush massage

Price: 7 nights from €665 per person in a double room

2019 dates: 13 – 20 Jan, 3 – 10 Feb, 12 – 19 May
Advance reservation is essential.

detox retreat austria ayurveda fasting mayr clinic

Modern Mayr Medicine – Park  Igls, Tyrol, Austria

‘The gut is the human’s root organ.’ Based on this insight, Austrian doctor Franz Xaver Mayr developed a therapeutic concept in the early 20th century. He recognised that many classic lifestyle diseases originate in the digestive system, so took this area as the starting point for intensive regeneration. The Park Igls Mayr clinic in the Austrian Tyrol is the pioneer of Modern Mayr Medicine and offers guests a ground-breaking blend of conventional and complementary medicine, as well as excellent diagnostic services to set them on the path towards a better quality of life. This holistic approach focuses on detoxifying the digestive system as a central precondition for maintaining health and fitness. A foundation of Park Igls’ detox therapy and healthcare is a nutritious diet that is informed by the latest scientific findings: Modern Mayr cuisine offers a personalised eight-stage diet plan with meals of the highest culinary standards. The point is to avoid going hungry, starving, self-denial or calorie counting. The Modern Mayr Medicine diet is a complete way of life: living healthily for the long term, cutting out things that are bad for us, but without sacrificing the pleasures of good food. As well as resting the digestive system, they focus on slowing down the mind. Exercise is another extremely important part of Modern Mayr Medicine at the Park Igls. There are various opportunities for exercise based on the five pillars of fitness: cardiovascular, strength training, sensorimotor coordination, flexibility and relaxation. As well as kybun®, sling training, interval walking, Balance Your Body and CrossFit training, there are also outdoor activities and personal training sessions on offer.

Suitable for: Those who value highest level medical expertise and a wide range of diagnostic services and treatment options. Gourmets who don’t want to sacrifice the pleasures of good food even when fasting. Fitness enthusiasts who value a comprehensive exercise programme during their detox stay and those interested in prevention. Modern Mayr Medicine focuses particularly on the following: disorders of the digestive system, metabolic dysfunctions, allergies and food intolerances, burn-out syndrome and sleep disorders, joint problems and discomfort of the supporting apparatus, heart and circulation problems, obesity and many other conditions.

We recommend: The one-week Mayr Intensive therapeutic module is perfect for anyone looking not only to lose weight, but also to improve their health on a comprehensive basis. The Mayr Intensive module enhances detoxification while at the same time releasing pressure from the joints and cleansing the body’s connective tissue.

The Mayr Intensive therapeutic module includes: Initial examination – integrated health check / 1 medical check – manual abdominal treatment / 1 bioimpedance measurement (lean tissue, water and body fat) / Expanded laboratory blood tests / 4 partial body massages / 2 full body massages / 1 liver compress with beeswax / Concluding examination / Daily Kneipp treatments / Modern Mayr cuisine diet plan / Mineral water, herbal teas and base broth / Group exercise sessions, anti-stress exercises, lifestyle management and mental coaching / Lectures

Price: 1 week Mayr Intensive €1,723 person excl. accommodation (from €148 pp/night in a double room)

Valid to 14 December 2019.
Advance reservation is essential.


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