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Ten reasons for European Ayurveda®

  • Ten reasons for European Ayurveda @Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof Tyrol Austria
  • Ten reasons for European Ayurveda @Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof Tyrol Austria
  • Ten reasons for European Ayurveda @Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof Tyrol Austria
  • Ten reasons for European Ayurveda @Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof Tyrol Austria
  • Ten reasons for European Ayurveda @Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof Tyrol Austria

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10 reasons to ditch the long-haul flights

Long journeys, unfamiliar food and changing time zones are stressful to the human organism, which is why the Mauracher family brought the healing art of Ayurveda to Europe and developed it in a sensational way. The pioneers of European Ayurveda® have continually worked on adapting the principles of the science to European needs.  

Authentic Ayurveda in the Alps The Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof unites the wisdom of Ayurveda with European culture, honing the ancient life science to suit European lifestyle, climate and culinary habits. Ayurvedic practitioners Dr Gaurav Sharma and Dr Alaettin Sinop work with their team of specialists from India, as well as the Sonnhof team of experts headed by Christina Mauracher. Together, they represent an unparalleled pool of Ayurvedic competence, complementary medicine and medical diagnostics based on a deep understanding of both cultures.

Quality and professionalism Are important aspects and can be assured, thanks to the Sonnhof’s new online campus for employees. During the course of their training and professional development, every member of staff studies a range of modules and experiences both the theory and practice of European Ayurveda®. In addition to professional training, modules are offered for raising consciousness, self-awareness and reflection. The modular structure of the training programmes guarantees continuous expansion of the shared knowledge base and quality assurance.

No jet lag Changing time zones is a sure-fire way to unbalance our natural bio-rhythms. In order to bring about positive changes to guests’ physical systems, rest and balance are needed. By forcing the body to adapt to the change in time zones it becomes unbalanced, making it harder to encourage positive changes – therefore treatment without changing time zone has many advantages to the process. 

European herbal oils Pure, highly effective and 100% natural: Ayurveda encourages the use of plants grown in the same soil where we live. The Sonnhof makes their own high quality herbal oils from local plants and herbs for use at the resort. All oils are made according to Ayurvedic principles and are energised with healing mantras.


Yoga and meditations Daily Yoga and deep relaxation are integral to European Ayurveda®. Yoga harmonises the body’s processes and organ functions, and calms the mind by stilling the flow of thought and stabilising emotions. From a spiritual point of view, Yoga leads to higher consciousness and greater gentleness towards the self and the environment. The focus of Mind Detox Coaching® is to help guests develop their potential through meditation, mental exercises, Yoga, breathwork and energy exercises – and thus make life and work happier and more successful.

European Ayurvedic cuisine® Based on the nutritional principles of Ayurveda for balancing vital energies, European Ayurvedic cuisine® is a vital component of the Sonnhof’s holistic concept. Fundamentally, all staple foods are sourced from the immediate area surrounding the resort.

Anything grown in Europe contains active ingredients that suit European living conditions, and many of our local herbs contain similar active ingredients to those that are found in Indian herbs. The Ayurvedic diet is tailored to each individual guest and is dependent on treatment programmes and personal constitution. All dishes are meat-free to ensure that guests’ physique is not subjected to any unnecessary stress, even at the stage of food intake – and diets also boost Agni (digestive fire).

Farm to table In 2016 the Mauracher family purchased the Lindhof: a beautiful farm where a sustainable agricultural business in line with the principles of European Ayurveda® could be established. The farm allows the resort to combine its Tyrolean roots with Vedic culture, harmonising local and Indian traditions. And the guests get to enjoy lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and honey, as all the produce grown at the Lindhof is used in the Sonnhof kitchen to prepare wholesome European Ayurvedic cuisine.


Information and education Are important for building trust, letting go and integrating a healthy lifestyle. At Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof a lot of time is spent educating guests during their treatment programme. Key questions are answered to enable the customer to let go, develop trust and above all focus on themselves – because changes or healing are only possible in a relaxed state.

 A short journey home After two weeks of nutritious food, detoxing and relaxing, it makes no sense to embark on a long journey home. Travelling often involves long-haul flights and car journeys, and it can be very difficult to find food that’s healthy, fresh and preservative-free. It is therefore much more advantageous to explore Ayurveda closer to home.

 Sustainable wellbeing Time pressure, mental toxins and an unhealthy diet lead to body imbalances, so it is important to analyse what lifestyle changes are realistic for guests’ return to everyday life. Family, hobbies, work and eating habits play an important part. Together with the Ayurveda experts, guests discuss unhealthy habits, learn why they are unhealthy and what the long-term effects are, and develop an at home strategy. When guests are at home they can contact the AyurvedaCentre and Dr Sharma at any time – a service you are unlikely to receive from India!

Advance reservation is essential. Standard single rooms from €166 per night.
Reservations: / + 43 5376 5502

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