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25 Years of Park Igls Mayr Clinic

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  • Park-Igls_25-Years-of-Park-Igls_Mayr-Clinic_Austria
  • Park-Igls_25-Years-of-Park-Igls_Mayr-Clinic_Austria
  • Park-Igls_25-Years-of-Park-Igls_Mayr-Clinic_Austria
  • Park-Igls_25-Years-of-Park-Igls_Mayr-Clinic_Austria
  • Park-Igls_25-Years-of-Park-Igls_Mayr-Clinic_Austria

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Modern Mayr Medicine in the Austrian Tyrol

25 years ago, a pioneering success story began at the Park Igls Mayr clinic which has proven to be of huge benefit to many people. Thanks to Modern Mayr Medicine new milestones were reached in holistic medicine and therapy. The founder of this new approach to health at Park Igls is Dr Martin Winkler: Modern Mayr Medicine is his life’s work. He entrusted it to the capable hands of the Mayr clinic’s current medical director, Dr Peter Gartner.

Dr Winkler came to Modern Mayr by chance. After working as a trauma surgeon with his own practice in the Ötztal, he moved to Innsbruck in 1982 and was asked to open a health centre in Lans, modelled on the Golfhotel in Dellach on Lake Wörther where they practiced classic Mayr medicine. He trained under Dr Kojer and Dr Rauch – the ‘heirs’ to FX Mayr. Dr Winkler explains: ‘I was in thrall to the traditional approach practised by Dr Kojer and Dr Rauch. They had both studied under FX Mayr himself and rigorously followed the guidelines issued by the International Society of Mayr Physicians. It was a rocky road, and for the first few months I was only allowed to watch – even though I was a fully qualified and practising medical doctor!’

Due to the strict rules of the International Society of Mayr Physicians, Dr Winkler found it almost impossible to progress the traditional method. When he suggested the addition of even more protein his membership for the Mayr Society was temporarily suspended. Joining the Park Igls in 1993 was the opportunity the Mayr physician needed to develop Modern Mayr Medicine, this led to the creation of Modern Mayr cuisine and the eight dietary stages, the introduction of exercise, and cooperation with conventional medicine. Dr Winkler explains: ‘Working with local physicians is a key factor in Modern Mayr Medicine. And it’s what makes Igls so exceptional. Mayr medicine is holistic and based on both the Mayr method and conventional medicine.’

Modern Mayr Medicine has undergone constant development over the years. Head Chef Markus Sorg is constantly evolving Modern Mayr cuisine on the cutting edge of nutritional science and Michael Multerer is doing the same for exercise therapy and offering the most up-to-date methods. Recently the psychological services have been intensified and the Mayr clinic now offer a Neuro@Mayr module for patients suffering with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease.

Dr Winkler considers Modern Mayr Medicine as his life’s work, ‘There’s an old German saying about all the things a man should do: build a house, plant a tree… Park Igls is the ‘house’ I built, and I’m delighted that it is being developed, just as I would have liked. It’s wonderful to know that one has been able to do something positive for people.’


Milestones of Modern Mayr Medicine

  • In 1993 Dr Martin Winkler joined the Parkhotel Igls to establish and develop Modern Mayr Medicine.
  • Development of Modern Mayr cuisine with eight diet levels, plus an integrative approach to food intolerances and allergies for personalised nutrition.
  • Closer cooperation with medical consultants and Innsbruck University for state-of-the-art medical care and diagnostics.
  • Establishment of a balanced and varied exercise therapy programme based on the latest scientific findings, including personalised training plans tailored to meet individual requirements for optimum effect.
  • The development of psychological services helps to bring about profound and sustainable lifestyle changes.
  • A superb team that works well together and places the guest at the centre of all activities is a fundamental cornerstone of Park Igls. Park Igls are able to achieve this thanks to unequalled employee relations based on mutual respect.
  • In addition to health services, Park Igls also offers regular cultural events – a therapeutic stay tends to inspire creativity and free the mind for artistic pleasures.
  • Given the Mayr clinic’s location in Igls, combining Modern Mayr Medicine with golf makes absolute sense: the game is enjoyable as well as a great way to exercise! The golf-specific training programme offered at Park Igls incorporates medical and physiotherapeutic
  • Personalised therapies have long been established in Modern Mayr Medicine – and our gender-based medical services allow us to respond both diagnostically and preventively to gender-specific physiological issues.
  • Expansion of FX Mayr’s four principles to six: Cleansing the system – Resting the digestive tract – Learning to chew and eat properly – Supplementing with vitamins, minerals, alkalis and trace elements – Exercise based on the latest sports science – Self-discovery for emotional healing

Park Igls
Park Igls is one of the leading health retreats in Europe. The ‘house in the park’ offers personalised exercise, nutrition and regeneration concepts and state-of-the-art diagnostics based on Modern Mayr Medicine. Guests can choose between different therapeutic modules, ranging from Mayr Classic, Mayr Intensive and Mayr De-Stress to Musculoskeletal System, Metabolism & Detox and Heart & Circulation. The range of matchless diagnostic modules includes the Super Medical Check, Men’s Medical Check and the Ultrasound Screening Package. Innovative forms of exercise including kybun® and TheMedGolf® are exclusive to Park Igls. Facilities offer a high-tech medical department and modern destination spa, spacious relaxation rooms, fitness studios and a well-equipped gym. Modern Mayr cuisine is an integral component of the innovative services on offer. Park Igls has been awarded the prestigious Condé Nast Traveller ‘Most Effective Medi-Spa’ Spa Award and regularly features in influential spa guides.

Advance reservation is essential. Standard single rooms from €1,071 per week.
Reservations: / +43 512 377305

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